Hey My Loves!!!

I am back at it again with a audio blog!, I did one once some months back, and i did pretty good. 

 I’m so happy to always share facts about myself, or just giving out tips for others that can relate. At times i feel unproductive and I really began to feel this way when i have so much ideas that i get overwhelmed and indecisive. Today i will be sharing a few things i do when i am feeling this way, and maybe it can inspire+help someone to apply these tips on there journey. 

                     PRESS PLAY FOR AUDIO:

1.Take notes: Majority of the time we’ve got so many different ideas all around in our heads. I think it’s best writing it all out.handwriting-notes-1024x576-1024x576.jpg

2. Take a small break: Have some quality time alone to figure out why are you feeling unproductive. Can it be negative vibes around you? Stress? Scared of failure? Or is it because you see others succeeding much quicker than you. (which is fine)


3. Be Capable: We all need the ability to move forward. Be capable of all your responsibilities, and understand that after you take time to evaluate yourself, you have to get back to the process.


4. Routine: In ordinary to overcome this feeling you can also start by getting things done. For an example, clean up your room, cook your favorite dish, or DIY a home project, do things that will make you feel motivated. 


5. Support System: We definitely need a support system, although their is people that really don’t have one, but just me being honest, a support system is helpful. We need friends and family to encourage us when we are feeling the way we are. Sometimes it takes a village to become the best version of yourself.  Importantly, take time to look at your progress. Support.jpg

Tips on how i stay productive when i am feeling unproductive…

If you would like motivation, inspiration, advice, or have any questions feel free to send me an email or a message on my social media. You can find my information on my page :).



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