DIY Green Tea Toner

Hey I know you heard of green tea toner. Does it work? ABSOLUTELY YES! I been making my own toner for the past few months and my skin has been glowing. I actually have sensitive skin, I get light spots, dry patches, and some eczema on my face which I hate. But since I been [...]


30 Self-Care ideas for mental health

Hey everyone, I have a list of self-care ideas for mental health listed just for you, or someone that might need a few ideas to help them get through out there day. Leave comments, and sign up to my email list for tips, e-books-, courses, & more coming soon :).     Sleep Cup of [...]

Free way to grow an audience for your blog on WordPress

What's up everyone?! It's almost Friday and i am feeling good! I know a lot of bloggers even myself is either having a hard time or had a hard time trying to build an audience. First off, building an audience may seem hard but there is easy ways that can at least get you started [...]