Free way to grow an audience for your blog on WordPress

What's up everyone?! It's almost Friday and i am feeling good! I know a lot of bloggers even myself is either having a hard time or had a hard time trying to build an audience. First off, building an audience may seem hard but there is easy ways that can at least get you started [...]


Tell it TUES-DAY

Hello my loves :), Happy Tuesday. Today I want all my readers to relax, time is going by fast and the weekend is approaching. I know your overwhelmed with work, I know your boss probably gets on your last nerves and your so ready to quit and be your own boss, I know your patiently [...]

What I Accomplished at 27

A lot of people have asked me how I feel about being 27 so far and truth is, I feel semi-accomplished but not all the way accomplished. What have I done so far that leave me stuck in between both? Well, I am clearly still at my employment "2 years" "Security". My goal was to [...]