Hello my name is Seqouia B. I started blogging exactly two years ago because i have always been a “writer” in my head. I wrote about different things like my life, my emotions, my goals, and etc. I am a woman of various stories and been through a couple of tragedies. Writing did ease a lot, but when i went public and started blogging, I can truly say i felt so much better. I suffered from bad anxiety/depression during my early 20’s until my late 20’s, which is now. Mental health has took over me in so many ways that i can’t even explain. So starting this blog has helped me feel so much better because there is others out there that can relate, and that suffer from depression/mental health just like me. We all have a testimony, we all have a story to tell. That’s why i am so happy i decided to start this blog, so i can tell mines peace by peace. And also be an hero to those who need to learn ways how to cope & be able to move forward in life. Everyday i am learning, growing, and realizing so much about life and focusing on becoming a better me. Stay updated with my journey and watch me become a better version of myself. -SeqouiaB ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥